Experienced course in Leeds

30 students attended the PM4SD training course in Leeds, ranging from two Project Managers from the World Tourism Organization to the sustainability manager for Thomas Cook or the Tourism Programme Officer for the Organisation of East Caribbean States.

Leeds training


The level of participation was very high and the event went smoothly as elements of the methodology made sense to the different participants from their own experience.

The group was well prepared, and the questions during the event raised due to the complexity of the methodology and level of abstraction- this meant the event mainly revolved around clarification and application to specific experiences and needs of the participants.

It is worth noting that for the first time, all students that took the exam passed.

The training was followed by a public event where the methodology and project concept was presented to a number of international consultants and experts in events, tourism and hospitality management, including the Director of the Europarc Federation amongst others.

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