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PM4SD™ recognises the need to build solid and efficient practices in Project Management in order to guarantee a continuous improvement approach to the discipline aimed at guaranteeing ever more successful outcomes for projects and more specifically for their continuous sustainability. In order to achieve this, the PM4SD approach establishes some simple yet essential factors any Project Manager (PM) should be aware of when embarking in a project.

These factors cover the variable objectives of a project (which must be kept under constant control to ensure a successful final delivery), lessons taken from previous experiences (which can greatly help the PM and also reduce/improve the management activity), any applicable Best Practices (these do not have to be only about Project Management but any best practice applicable to the project ahead) and a solid foundation for the Management of the Project given by a clearly defined set of Principles which cover all aspects of the project management activities. In the following paragraphs we will look at these factors more in detail.