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Better places to live and better places to visit; in that order

Today we are pleased to share with you the foreword of our PM4SD manual written by professor Harold Goodwin, from Leeds Metropolitan University, and International Centre for Responsible Tourism. Professor Goodwin will be also one of the high-level speakers of our upcoming Summer School on project management. Due to his wide experience in such a topic we will …

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Marketing is crucial for sustainability

Marketing is key to ensuring sustainability beyond project funding. Alpine Pearls is a network of 28 communities in the Alps (Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia) that offer easy, yet comfortable ways to enjoy holidays with environmentally friendly transport. The network is the result of two European Union projects (Alps Mobility and Alps Mobility II …

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Accepting a long-term view in destination changes

Mature tourism destinations often frame their regeneration or strategic development plans under a sustainability agenda. The complexity comes from creating a positive process of change that will visibly move a destination in the right direction, under the requirements of funders and political pressures, while the reality of destination-wide change is that changes occur slowly. This …

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