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Better places to live and better places to visit; in that order

Today we are pleased to share with you the foreword of our PM4SD manual written by professor Harold Goodwin, from Leeds Metropolitan University, and International Centre for Responsible Tourism. Professor Goodwin will be also one of the high-level speakers of our upcoming Summer School on project management. Due to his wide experience in such a topic we will …

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In project management, are funders your key stakeholders?

Remember that the funder financing the project can be your most important stakeholder, not only because they provide the funding for the project, but because you will be responding to their call for tender. Take time to understand their needs, whether this is a project financed internally by your organisation, you have a contract with …

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NECSTouR, regions committed to sustainable tourism

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NECSTouR supports the exchange of good practices on sustainable tourism as well as the development of joint initiatives aiming to boost the competitiveness and sustainability of the sector in the territory. Such is our objective and “raison d’être” as European platform for cooperation in this field, gathering regional authorities competent in tourism – following the …

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