Sustainable Tourism Project Management’s blog welcomes YOU

A new place for sharing and e-learning about Sustainable Tourism has been created! Feel free to comment, discuss, give your inputs, learn and teach in this pool of people committed to the improvement of the better management of sustainable tourism projects.


From this blog the partnership built to develop the EU funded project T4EST (Training for European Sustainable Tourism) will highlight all activities and actions. Case studies, methodologies, thoughts and proposals to improve project management on sustainable tourism will be showcased also by invited authors.


T4EST aims to disseminate the results of the manual on project management for sustainable tourism PM4ESD. The partnership is composed by: JLAG, University of Leeds, NECSTouR and the Municipality of Frigento in Italy.


The PM4ESD methodology has been designed to meet the needs of four target groups: public and private tourism organizations, training organisations, professionals and students. To train these target groups 4 training sessions on sustainable tourism project management will take place in 4 different European Regions: Alentejo (PT), Catalunya (ES), Brussels (BE) and Zlín (CZ).


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