Networking for a better public action

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region, founder member of NECSTouR have been invited to share with us best practices on EU tourism networks. 

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The PACA Region has initiated some networks, animated and coordinated together with the Tourism Board in order to improve the synergy of their actions and to monitor the circulation of information among their members. The region aims involve its partners to coordinate the information and training programmes towards the private sector based on the definition of a common agenda and by giving a better understanding of public actions. Sharing information, feedback from good practices and communication are the conditions for the optimization and the efficiency of actions within these networks.

The economic context and the evolution of the touristic sector require focusing on a more efficient public action supporting professional’s initiatives. As such, several networks of experts have been implemented to optimize the actions of territorial authorities creating linkages between public stakeholders and strengthening the project approach in which the Region committed for its previous Regional Tourism Development Plan and that will be reinforced in the next plan 2012-2016.


Regional Network of expertise and touristic engineering: This network has been created to develop observatory work and common projects of development and to structure a monitoring approach in order to encourage the dissemination of data related to tourist economy. Expected to be extended to the universities to be a “network of networks”, it will be responsible for the Regional Tourism Development Plan technical governance.

Regional Network of Sustainable Tourism Actors (Le Réseau Régional des Acteurs du Tourisme Durable)By gathering the tourism key stakeholders such as Natural Regional Parks, the representatives of professionals and promotion agencies, this network strengthens synergies between enterprises sector and territories in terms of support, qualification and promotion of tourism enterprises involved in sustainable tourism.


NECSTouR –Network of European Competitive and Sustainable Tourism in Regions: co-founded by Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Tuscany and Catalonia, has been created following the Agenda for European sustainable and competitive tourism launched by the European Commission in 2007. The network aims at improving sustainability and competitiveness of the tourism sector in the regions by sharing best practices and creating models of sustainable tourism management for public authorities, private sector, tourists, local population and territories.

Strategic project STRATTOURPACA Region is partner of the STRATTOUR project with the regions of the Alpes Mediterranee Euroregion that aims to raise tourism awareness among the local populations, to promote proximity tourism in low season and the linkages between enterprises and their seasonal employees.


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