How to submit a successful sustainable proposal

The European Network Odyssea, member of NECSTouR and developed thanks to several EU funded projects explains 4 tips to submit a successful sustainable proposal.

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Odyssea is a European strategic project developing an innovative solution for sustainable maritime tourism, a new way of discovering a country from the port and harbour city structured around 4 sets of stopovers. Odyssea associates all the producers, local actors, nautical and tourism SME‘s towards the same objective of territorial development and sustainable growth with the help of ITC tools and a co branding policy. Odyssea is also developing the Euro Mediterranean Cultural Itinerary “Odysseus – Mythical and initiatory travels in the Mediterranean”.



  1. The focus of the project: Before starting a new project it is crucial to know what has been done before. The Odyssea Team studies statistical facts and polícy documents in order to define good arguments and a clear focus. During the preparation of the submission set, it’s very important to be concise, specific and clear and also to underline key messages. All the objectives of the network proposal must be consistently described and fit the eligibility criteria of the call.
  2. The partnership: To submit an international project, Odyssea takes advantage of more than 12 agreements signed with Regional Governments, representative Associations, Federations, Groups and Universities. The idea is to consolidate and ensure the sustainability of the euro-Mediterranean network and to prepare activities according to each European program. Odyssea should convincingly demonstrate the international cross-border dimension of the issues that are at stake. According to this, Odyssea considers cooperation as an important added value for improving economic performance and social cohesion.
  3. Importance of the Lead partner: A good consortium is a key element for success. For each project, the European consortium proposed by Odyssea is built according to the tasks that must be undertaken. Odyssea always looks for a balanced work plan with well defined tasks and deliverables for each partner. The capacity of the Lead Partner to manage the work plan and concepts is crucial for the consortium. To prepare the project, the Odyssea Team only takes partners or engages the consortium after the approval of its Scientific Committee.
  4. Transferability & sustainability activities and features: One of the main features of the Odyssea Network and the Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Itinerary “ODYSSEUS – Mythical and initiatory travels in the Mediterranean” is that it ensures the durability of its results, and works for transnational cooperation with tangible, measurable and transmissible effects. The perenniality of each Odyssea european project proves to be a key component of its success, thanks to the network of cities that will share and promote in a collective way the same european model of sustainable territorial development.

How transferability is ensured?

  • The environmental aspect
  • More interdependent territories thanks to an innovative governance process involving all territorial actors of coastal tourism, port and rural areas.
  • Improving the territorial social dialogue between the two sides of nautical and cultural tours: public entities and local actors.
  • Building a strong European network of harbors and cities-ports destinations.
  • Valorizing a common South West Region model to change towards quality tourism open to intercultural dialogue.

Odyssea has developed 9 approved transborder and interregional projects financed by EU funding since 2009. These projects valorize the economic potential of coastline tourism, maritime cultural routes and innovative yachting activities. They join together more than 20 partners from France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Mediterranean islands, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco.

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