Who is PM4SD for?

The PM4SD Qualification is tailored to suit the needs of everyone involved and interested in the management of tourism projects. This includes:

  • Professionals involved in the day to day management of tourism initiatives (projects, programmes, strategies) for sustainable development: project managers, programme managers, executives, project officers, members of project or programme boards, project stakeholders, tourist operators
  • Professionals involved in decision making at a local, regional, national or European level in the fields of sustainable development policy, tourism and cultural heritage management: policy makers, project evaluators
  • Trainers in the fields of management, tourism, heritage, culture
  • Students in the fields of tourism and cultural heritage management
  • Public authorities, Private organizations and Public-Private Partnerships involved in sustainable tourism initiatives

PM4SD is designed to manage projects with the following features:

Duration: Minimum of 1 year

Budget: minimum 100.000€

  • Aim to implement sustainable tourism
  • Raise awareness on the importance of sustainable tourism
  • Contribute to the preservation of natural heritage and landscape
  • Contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage
  • Aim to promote local development
  • Deliver benefits for local communities
  • Involve Public-private partnership
  • Involve stakeholders
  • Focus on tangible and intangible elements of tourism
  • Focus on destinations

PM4SD project management can be applied to all of the following:

 Eco-Tourism, Cultural and Creative Tourism, Food and Wine Tourism, Rural Tourism, Geo-Tourism, Industrial Tourism, Educational Tourism, Business Tourism, Medical Tourism, Sport Tourism and Social Tourism.