FINAL CONFERENCE: Successful tourism projects for 2014-2020

Our FINAL CONFERENCE will be the occasion to highlight all the aspects included in the PM4SD® and to answer questions such as:

  • How to contribute to enhance more impactful benefits for sustainable tourism development?
  • How to use properly the word ‘sustainability’?
  • Which challenges sustainable tourism has to face to be competitive?

NECSTOUR premises

WHERE & WHEN? 19th September 2013 | 11.30 – 13.30 Provence-Alpes-Côte-D’Azur Premises. 62, Rue du Trône – Ground floor

Massimo Baldinato, from Tajani’s cabinet, Gianni Pitella, VP of the European Parliament, Mike Coyne, Advisor at Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services, Deirdre Shurland, Senior Consultant, UNEP-DTIE, Cinzia De Marzo, DG Enterprise and Industry and Alice Jude, Project Manager at Cité Européenne de la Culture & du Tourisme Durable will discuss together with Silvia Barbone and Xavier Font about the necessity to professionalize tourism projects focusing on benefits rather than outputs.

During this year of experiences we have been training more than 100 future project managers in 6 European Regions (Evora PT, Barcellona ES, Napoli IT, Leeds UK, Brussels BE and Prague CZ). You could find more information about opportunities to connect at

PITTELLA Gianni IT“During the last years many tourism projects and funds at European level have not created the desired impact.  Many opportunities have been missed.  A change is due, for transforming European natural  and cultural resources in sustainable attractions. I do wish that thanks to PM4SD® new project managers and policy makers will be trained to boost the tourism industry”. Gianni Pittella, Vice-President European Parliament


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