Endorsements & Testimonials


This PM4SD new training manual and course are long overdue. For many years donors and government agencies have funded tourism projects with the intention of making tourism more sustainable. However the objectives of the projects have often been imprecisely defined, sometimes very vague.

Prof. Harold Goodwin
Director of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism

Working with the PM4SD team we have aligned our approach to project management, from design and planning, to monitoring the results for delivery. PM4SD provides tools and techniques that enable us to enhance our projects’ performance and ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

Salli Felton, CEO, The Travel Foundation 

“PM4SD can be used to enables new models for change; for example, helping organizations better integrate concepts like One Planet Living, assisting leaders in their own self development, and bringing forth cultural based leadership required for the transformational changes we need in our industry and the world.”

Dave Randle, Director, The Blue Community 

“Project Management for Sustainable Development is a practical methodology to improve the sustainability and quality of tourism projects and products – ultimately supporting the investment in marketing these destinations.”

Eduardo Santander, Executive Director, European Travel Commission

PM4SD could complement what has been accomplished through the Euromed Heritage and Med-Culture Programme and instil a practice of participatory, transparent and “virtuous” management.

Christiane Dabdoub-Nasser
Team Leader Med-Culture Programme

Testimonials from the training courses

As a tourism teacher, I found PM4SD™ a methodology that can guide us in every project that we develop in our institutions. But, most of all, the thought that is behind this tool has a tremendous potential and can really facilitate our job. It is also important to mention the quality of trainers. It was definitely an intense and valuable training program that we had for three days in Alentejo region. Thank you for this opportunity!

Ana Isabel Rodrigues
Tourism teacher at the Polytechnic Institute of Beja, Portugal

I’m very enthusiastic about this course. I found it very useful and the future perspectives of this initiative seem to be very interesting! Teachers very nice, competent and accurate!

Stefania Mauro
Tourism Researcher SiTI
Istituto Superiore Sui Sistemi Territoriali per l’innovazione, Italy

It has been a pleasure to share three intensive days with all the participants in the training. Very recommendable method to manage sustainable tourism projects. Hope to meet you again!

Alejandro Gonzalez
Sustainable Tourism Project Manager Eco-union, Spain
Head of Sustainable Tourism, The INTASAVE Partnership and CARIBSAVE

Indeed a wonderful course and nice group of professionals! Last Friday I was standing in a traffic jam (long live Belgian mobility!) but was, to my surprise, already over half-way to my destination when I suddenly realized that my mind had wondered off…chewing on some of the PM4SD concepts that were addressed during the training. The PM4SD training experience is still very much going on here! 😉 Thank you all!

Manu Minne, Program Coordinator ViaVia Tourism Academy, Belgium

PM4SD permits to create a community of stakeholders in tourism with a common approach on tourism management. PM4SD has filled an important lack with a common approach on tourism management. Nowadays tourism researchers have to share a common code, using a common language and a common methodology and a coherent background and exchange knowledge. Those skill has to be used in different projects with different scale: local, national, European, international tourism project. PM4SD does exactly this! Being part of the PM4SD community for me is really important for my continuous education and exchange knowledge. Thanks Silvia for the very accurate training!

Sara Levi Sacerdotti
Project manager SiTI Istituto Superiore Sui Sistemi Territoriali per l’innovazione, Italy

Having seen projects from all angles of the project cycle, and having participated in successful bids with a cumulative value of over €10m euros, we were cautious about whether there was a great deal more we could learn by attending the PM4SD training course (we’d initially signed up more as a networking exercise). But how wrong we were proved to be. The course was a really excellent way to systematically draw together all the elements you need to include when considering project development and implementation. The quality of the training delivery by JLag was outstanding, as was the input and contributions from the wide range of practitioners who were alongside us on the course. Its just a great way to map and plan out a clear and coherent strategy when working on or around a project. It has made such an impact that we have already started to apply the methods and approach in the next bid we worked on. At the same time the course did indeed prove to be a great networking platform as well! All in all we can’t advocate PM4SD more strongly and indeed hope to reap the benefits very shortly in the implementation stage of our most recent bid.

Julie Scott and Jonathan Karkut
Touch TD Founders Organization

Structure and a clear orientation on product delivery are concepts that one is constantly reminded of throughout the PM4SD training workshops. My experience participating in the first European training in PM4SD has been inspiring both professionally and personally. Reflecting back on projects I have worked on, PM4SD methodology highlights the importance of roles and responsibilities at the different project management levels, and the importance of planning and continuous monitoring and evaluation for a successful delivery of project outputs, always aiming for sustainability of actions and outcomes. What’s more, the training sessions have been great hubs for networking both on a national level (training in individual cities), on a European level (training during the summer school in Naples), and on an international level (international conference leading to the Naples declaration on “the effective management of donor funded tourism projects”). This first training on PM4SD has been enriching at a practical and theoretical levels. I look forward to participate in the upcoming PM4SD Practitioner Course and to the next Summer School!

Zeinab Jeambey
Tourism Expert and consultant, Lebanon

A comprehensive toolbox for guiding the management of complex, donor-funded projects. Great to walk through the various tools and processes in a group setting to get feedback from other students/professionals and how it can be adapted to different projects.

Kelly Galasky

I would like to endorse PM4SD program. Sustainable tourism have to be addressed in all tourism sectors; however, it is complicated and difficult to start building sustainable tourism project without any helps. And insufficient management might make you engage in greenwashing In order to avoid risks and build an efficient project, the PM4SD comprehensively covers all process of project management from creating a project until gaining a feedback from the project’s result. The management methods to be sustainable are applicable to all tourism projects and any kinds of tourism scale. A textbook from PM4SD is highly informative, but I would like to recommend people, who plan to learn PM4SD, to take an actual lecture because youcan afford a PM4D instructor the opportunity to reach your feedbacks and questions. Moreover, the lecture is not only providing informations but also including several exercises related to each topic. This exercises also helps you to ensure your understanding. Therefore, I highly recommend all tourism industries to incorporate the PM4SD program.” 

Takafumi Minotani
Graduate Student Patel College of Global Sustainability at University of South Florida 

When using sustainable tourism as an approach to livelihood development in developing nations, PM4SD is a practical methodology that incorporates elements of capacity building, systems analysis, asset identification and social entrepreneurship. Certification with Project Management for Sustainable Development is appropriate for both small scale community based tourism projects and helping large tourism organizations or resorts become more sustainable. As tourism is one of the best sectors for improving ther esource utilization of water, energy, and food; while at the same time preserving cultural heritage and protecting marine/environmental habitats, PM4SD Strategies will help ensure that the places we enjoy today can be enjoyed tomorrow and will continue to provide asustainable future for tourism and local communities.

Jerry John Comellas,
Founder, Acorn to Oak International

“PM4SD is an intuitive methodology that can be applied to tourism projects of all types. Its addition of GSTC indicators, specific attention to tourism situations, and focus on long term benefits, stakeholders and capacity building, make it an exceptional tool to embed sustainability into tourism projects. Anyone involved in the tourism industry can benefit from the use of PM4SD. The methodology can be used to manage the project through its lifetime or techniques can be chosen that best fit a situation. Based on PRINCE2 project management, it has a foundation of proven effectiveness. Highly recommended for tourism professionals!” 

Holly Prievo
Sustainability Specialist, Florida

Sustainable development is the foundation of resilient infrastructure within just communities on a healthy planet. PM4SD combines project management with sustainable development to create a systematic and holistic approach to achieving long term beneficial outcomes.

A key strength of the methodology is the standardized language bringing together professionals from varying backgrounds, promoting understanding with an international vocabulary, and resulting in successful projects. Though sustainable tourism has already benefitted greatly from the influx of trained PM4SD practitioners, the opportunities for broader application of PM4SD principles will bring sustainable development to much needed regions of the world. Ms. Barbone’s mission is gathering momentum along with her a solid network of trained professionals. “PM4SD has only started transforming the landscape of project management on a global scale”

Marian Davidove LD/N
Registered Dietitian and Food Sustainability Practitioner at the Florida Department of Health, USA